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I’m writing a book set mostly in Hilo, Hawaii. I’m visiting the town this month and it will be the first time I’ve gone to a place with the sole intent to research and gather information for my novel. Granted, this is also my first novel. Because two of the five days will be consumed by traveling to and from Hilo, I’ve planned out every hour of every day of the five day trip. I have two appointments to meet with local pastors and rented a car for two days. I plan to walk the town the rest of the time. Having visited Hilo on vacation in 2017, I have an understanding of what the town and weather in one of the wettest cities in the US will be like. But this time, instead of skimming the surface, I’ll be absorbing the views, the smells, the sounds, marketplaces, historical sites, the people. A good portion of time will be spent at Hilo library since the library does not allow online access to its materials without a library card, which you can only get in person. Also, the librarian informed me that there a number of books not available online.

Wish me luck! Given a limited budget and time (due to family obligations), I have to make the most of this trip!

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