The Cusp

What I’ve Done

Two more weeks until the end of the year. What have I accomplished and learned? Well, I quit my job in January, I’ve traveled around the world, visited a friend in need of support, said hello to my grandmother -who doesn’t know her son has passed away, spent more time with my kids than I thought I would be able to enjoy (but I’ve enjoyed much and most of it), volunteered in my kid’s classroom and got to observe and appreciate what teachers really do for our children, volunteered in support of asylum seekers, spent more time with my mother.

This is What I’ve Learned

I learned that it’s harder to let go of friends who have negatively affected my life, learned that if you quit your job – you better be doing something you want to be doing because it’s difficult to get a job again once you’ve taken a break (no matter what the reason), that writing teachers are not paid to be kind, that Christmas cards with the perfect family photo shoot of the year is stale in that dehydrated marshmallow in cocoa powder kind of way, that the Keto diet works but makes me constipated, that very long hair suits me for now, that dentists want you to buy the ceramic crown for your tooth that is not covered by insurance because they think you are vain, that my dog just follows me around for food and walks and not because he genuinely loves me, that I’m not cut out doing legal work for asylum seekers (too emotional), and that I spend way too much doing little things instead of focusing on big things.

What’s Next?

  1. More travel. Maybe I’ll get restart the application process for obtaining my Global Entry Pass. 
  2. After reading Seth’s Blog, I’m encouraged to write more frequently (though not everyday like he does) on my blog. I said that in March, so we’ll see.
  3. Volunteer more, learn more
  4. Be grateful

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