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How is 2020 Going So Far?

What Are Those Goals Anyway?

At the end of most years, I get excited about goal setting. Sure, it’s a popular time to set goals, when I could set annual goals on March 19 if I wanted to. But there’s something about the new year that is symbolically helpful in getting me motivated. At the end of 2019, I didn’t have that excitement for goal setting. One would think that after the end of a decade or two, I’d be ready with a whole box load of goals. Instead, I’m keeping to the two I had last year, which is to reduce my weight by eight-10 pounds, a goal I’ve had for at least six years now, and to finish my novel.

Twelve Days Into 2020

So far, not so good. I’m at the height of my weight so thus I’m back at the marker where I want to lose ten pounds. And as for the novel…well, I’ve restructured it again and and again and again. I told my husband that writing my first novel is like me watching a figure skater do jumps in the air while I’m just circling the rink, my whole body tense with the anticipation of falling down and just by a miracle I’m standing upright in ice skates. Thus, the fact I’ve been working on this novel for two years now is frustrating on a good day and depressing on a bad day. After this latest restructure, I’m going through the draft once again, filling in holes, combining scenes into full chapters, and doing a little research to fill in factual gaps.

Push On and On and On

I’ll say this, one great quality I have is that I am tenacious. It may take a long time to do something, but I will finish it. Whether I will ever get to that shining star of a number I will say 2020 will be the year! Why not? Okay, besides the fact that there’s another year thereafter and no one dies if I don’t hit a goal weight, but for me, that would be little peace of mind, or something to strive for…humans are like that..we need to strive for something.

See Goals as Promises

A self-help guru said that if we make a promise to ourselves, we should keep it. If we fail to keep promises to ourselves, what does it say about us to others? I don’t know if that should matter, what others think, but it does say that if I wouldn’t break a promise to a friend, I shouldn’t break a promise to myself.

At one point I made a goal to blog at least once a week, which clearly never materialized. Today, instead of writing the blog post in Word and letting it sit there, I decided to write directly into WordPress and push PUBLISH so I get this out there a little bit quicker.

Happy Belated New Year and go punch those goals off that list!

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